Sphinx WeeCap

Slowly but surely we are approaching the end of the season, and it’s proving to be a successful year once again! Three away games were played last weekend, let’s see what our coaches and players had to say about it: (spoiler alert: all wins!)

Saturday 18-3 14:00 | SV Twello HS1 – Sphinx HS2 (43 – 63)
Giannis: Sphinx HS2 won again this weekend; this time against SV Twello HS1! The game started ideally for our team ending the first quarter with score 20-1!!! However, for the rest of the game the opponent team changed its defense from man to man to zone which made us nervous in offense finding not easy way to the basket! Although the team from Twello was hoping to reach us in the score the score difference that we built in the first quarter allowed us to control the pace of the game! The final buzzer found us winning another game by 20 points!

Saturday 18-3 18:00 | B.V. Isala DS 1 – Sphinx DS1 (30 – 75)
Sonia: Just looking at the score (30 – 75) it is clear that it was an easy game for Sphinx ladies. We started strong, without letting the opponent score. Then, they improved and began to score some points (still without reaching us). They also tried to stop us with different defenses. But we played much better (including stealing the ball, fast breaks, layups and 3-pointers), so we destroyed them. We all enjoyed the game and our intensity didn’t go down. Our communication is getting better, and this is reflected in a good defense and coordinated offense.

Sunday 19-3 14:00 | BV Wyba HS2 – Sphinx HS1 (74 – 86) 
Bram: A W for Sphinx Men’s 1st in Wijchen. After two consecutive losses, Men’s 1st was eager to turn things around against Wyba Hs2 from Wijchen (next to Nijmegen). They stood rather low in the ranking, but from the previous game we knew they were not a bad team and besides that, we were only with 7 players so we did not expect an easy game. We started therefore sharp, quickly building a lead of about 15 points by sharing the ball a lot and playing active defense. However, in the second quarter our defense and defensive rebounding began to slack, but because of our offense we clanged onto the 15 point lead at halftime. In the second half we had a phase of inconsistent play, allowing the lead to be reduced to single digits, but the W never came in jeopardy. The final score was 74-86. Highly notable was the outstanding performance of Damiël, scoring a game-(and probably season-)high 40 points! Coming Friday we are looking to continue our winning streak at home against JRC.

This weekend will be packed with home games! On Friday, both the Men’s and Ladies first will play at respectively 19:00 and 21:00. Both teams are in the top regions of the competition, and are looking to sustain their position or even trying to move up the ladder! On Saturday, the highlight of the weekend will be taking place. At 14:00, Sphinx HS2 will play their championship against the runner-up, WSV Apeldoorn! It’s going to be a hard-fought game, please be there to show your support! Go Sphinx!!!