Sphinx WeeCap

Last weekend two home games were played by both our Men’s and Ladies’ First team! Let’s see how everything worked out for them, it’s time for another #SphinxWeeCaps!!

Friday 24-3 19:00 | BV Sphinx DS1 – Landstede Basketbal ZAC DS2 (66 – 30)
Sonia: Although we didn’t play well, we won 66-30. We started playing too slow basketball. We knew that the opponent was the last in the league, but instead of destroying them from the first minute, we adapted to their slow play. We scored very few points in the first half and our defense wasn’t intense. But the shouts of coach Patinios in the half-time were useful and the game changed. We improved our offense and defense in the third quarter. And in the last quarter we played like we know and we scored 26 points.

Friday 24-3 21:00 | BV Sphinx HS1 – JRC HS1 (79 – 58)
Sphinx Men’s 1st seems back on track in win against JRC Boxtel. Friday evening we played JRC Boxtel at home. Since we played horrible and lost the away game against them, we were very eagered to win this game. We started sharp and by playing intense defense we took an early lead. We managed to hold on to this lead throughout the first half, which made that we had a lead of about 15 points at halftime. The second half we started sloppy, allowing them to get back in the game. However, after some timeouts we got it back together and played out the game with relative ease. Final score: 79-58