Training will start again

We can start with training again, taking into account the measures set up by the RIVM. The training will be held on the outside court in front of the Bongerd.

Training times are:

  • Men & Ladies competition: tuesdays 19.30-21.00
  • Recreational & Beginners: thursdays 19.30 -21.00

Before you come to the Bongerd, please read the protocol below. For questions, you can mail us at

Protocol for Outside Sports SCB – Sphinx

Men’s Tryouts 2019-2020

Looking forward to play basketball this year in Wageningen? Then come to the tryouts and show us what you got!

Tuesday, August 27th, 19:00-21:00
Sportshall 4, de Bongerd
Please be there at 18:30 so we can get your information.
If you can’t make it to the tryout, no problem! Send us an email and we can have you join one of the practices to see which team you fit best on.


Welcome to the website of S.B.A. Sphinx, the Student Basketball Association in Wageningen! Sphinx is the perfect place for you to play basketball during your student time in Wageningen.

We practice twice a week, play games, participate at tournaments, eat, drink, party and have lots of fun during other nice activities together. Sphinx is an international association, we provide basketball at every level and we have different kinds of teams.

S.B.A Sphinx has 3 competition teams, the men’s 1st, men’s 2nd and the ladies 1st, and we have recreational practice twice a week for those who don’t want to play games in the weekends.

The introduction practices are in the first three weeks of the new academic year. In this period you can take a look if you would like to become a member of Sphinx. For the training schedule have a look at the website:

If you are interested in joining one of the practices, or if you have any questions, send an email to or pass by at one of the practices.

Hope to see you on the court!

Recreational Basketball!

Hey Sphinxers and prospective Sphinxers!

Are you up for playing some basketball? Join or recreational practices. Recreational basketball is open to men and women of all levels, and will be held every Monday from 17:00-18:30h and on Wednesdays from 21.00-23.00h. Come give it a try; if you like it you can become a member and play all year!



Looking forward to play basketball this year in Wageningen? Then come to the tryouts and show us what you got!

The tryouts will be held again the first weeks of September. An updated schedule will be published as soon as possible.
Men: Tuesday, August 28th, 19:00-21:00
Sportshall 4, de Bongerd
Please be there at 18:30 so we can get your information.
Women: Monday, September 3rd, 18:30-20:00
Sportshall 4c, de Bongerd
Please be there at 18:15 so we can get your information.

To allow us to plan better, please email to let us know you plan on coming. Also feel free to email us with any questions regarding the tryout.

We hope to see you all there!
Sphinx Board

Missed the try outs/trials? No problem!

Hi Sphinxers and future Sphinxers!

The trainings will finally start again next week! Our training has been changed a bit.
You can find the schedule on this website (Teams -> Training schedule).

If you could not attend the try outs/trials, you are still welcome of course! Come join the trainings and we will see which team suits you best.

If any questions, feel free to send the board an e-mail:


Sphinx WeeCap

Good morning Sphinxers! It’s already been a while, but I would still like to present to you the recap of Sphinx D-Day. In other words, it’s time for another #SphinxWeeCaps !!!

Saturday 8-4 12:00 | BV Sphinx DS1 – Twente Buzzards (63 – 49)
Sonia: Last game promised to be interesting since we lost the away game against this team. We started winning by 12 with a good offense and defense, but then they reached us and were close to the score. We still had a lead of about 5 points in the halftime. Both teams played with intensity trying to win the last game. Their press made us nervous and it was difficult to score, but when we organized our play, we managed to make a good difference in the score. It was a nice way to finish the league being second! And thank you for your support.

Saturday 8-4 14:00 | BV Sphinx HS1 – BV Batouwe HS2 (100 – 62)
Easy win for men’s 1st. In between the exciting games of the ladies and men’s 2nd, we had a less important matchup against a team from the bottom of our league. Despite that they started quite strong, it became soon clear that we were going to win this game with relative ease. This reflected on our concentration, especially in defense, and therefore we allowed them to score way too many points, namely 62. This was not really a problem since we found our rhythm offensively, leading to us scoring a season-high of 100 points. Conclusion: not a pretty game but eventually a solid W.

Saturday 8-4 16:00 | BV Sphinx HS2 – Black Stars HS1 (64 – 50)
Last Saturday in the last and most important game of the season Sphinx HS2 had to overcome one more time the tough team from Rhenen (Black Stars) in order the players of Wageningen’s University team become Champions! The game started with Sphinx leading in the score finding free shots against the zone defense of Black Stars! The team from Rhenen achieved to approach the score but not to take the lead due to the good and determined defense of Sphinx’s players! The end of the game found us to win the game by 14 points and celebrate the Championship for the first time in our history! Sphinx HS2 Champions 2016-2017!

Once again thank you all for the support, it was a perfect ending to an amazing season for us.