Landstede Basketball: Look at the pros

Yesterday we visited the Landstede Basketball association. First we had a nice entrance, dinner together and then we had a tour in the building. After this we saw the match: Landstede against Rotterdam. Landstede won with 96-84.  Thank you all for coming, we really enjoyed it. To see a summary of the match, you can click here



Sphinx lustrum goodies

Sphinx exists for 50 years, for that reason you can now buy the Lustrum edition water bottle, sunglasses and sweater!

Special offer: If you buy all of the goodies, you will pay €25 euroYou can buy the products by sending an email to or ask the board members


Sphinx water bottle €5


Sphinx black sunglasses €5


Sphinx Lustrum Edition Sweater black with logo €20



Sphinx exists for 50 years, so this is a good reason to party! We made special Sphinx Sweaters Lustrum edition and a really nice goodiesbag, you can buy both at the different activities

1st quarter: desire for champagne showers
Monday the 16th is the official birthday of Sphinx, the first quarter, We want to celebrate this with you in a nice potluck dinner with cake and champagne!

2nd quarter: desire to play bowl
The second quarter is on thursday the 19th. Bowling! Come show your bowl handling skills! Note that this activity is for free!

Half time break: desire project pancake
To take a break from this busy week you can enjoy a nice pancake dinner with some beers!

3rd quarter: desire to reunite
The third quarter on sunday the 22nd is a reunion tournament for all sphinx (ex)members!

4th quarter: desire to shoot
Tuesday november 24th you can join a mixed tournament for all members!

Overtime: desire to shot!
After these days full of activities we finish with a golden party in the Bunker! Here you get a welcome drink and goldstrike shots will be 1 coin! This is an open party so don’t forget to invite all your friends!