Competition rules

New rulebook  online

Last year FIBA has altered the rules again. They could be found in the rulebook of 2012. Next to that, there is a casusbook available where you can find examples for the rules.

For the ‘schuldvrijverklaring’ please use this link:

Bekijk het spelregelboekje 2012 : The rulebook 2012

en het casusboek 2012 : The casusbook 2012


And here you could find the official English FIBA Referee Manual for two-person officiating and for three-person officiating.
– Two-person Officiating:

– Three-person Officiating:

Field lines

Klik hier voor de brief iz belijning 2012:

You can click here for the official guidelines for the coard-lines:,Briefverenigingenizbelijning.pdf