We have some lovely Sphinx hoodies, water bottles and sunglasses. Either buy them for yourself, or give it away as a present for someone of your team, your coach or your best friend!

If you want a hoodie, send an email to with your name and the size you want and pay €25,-. Then the hoodie is yours! Be quick because we only have a limited amount of hoodies.

This holds the same for the super nice sphinx water bottles and sunglasses. €5,- each. A water bottle is essential when playing basketball, so make sure you get your own Sphinx water bottle. Again, if you would like to have one, send an email to or ask one of the board members!

Last but not least, Sphinx sunglasses! In the Netherlands you never know what the weater is going to do, so, make sure you have these super cool Sphinx sunglasses. When the (Dutch…) summer has arrived you will be thankful for these!


Sphinx water bottle €5,-


Sphinx black sunglasses €5,-


Sphinx Sweater black with logo €25,-