To become a member of S.B.A. Sphinx you need a sports card with valid sports rights, which you can get at the reception of De Bongerd. Besides that, you have to pay the membership fee of S.B.A. Sphinx.

The yearly membership fees for the season 2020/2021 are:

Men’s 1st and Ladies 1st: € 170,-*

Men’s 2nd: € 130,-

Recreational/beginners playing members: € 30,-

*This price can be lowered to € 130,- if you are willing to reff for the club. For further information for the requirements, please contact the current board.

Being a member means that you can join our trainings, tournaments and off-court activities organized by our Activitees Committee. For competition players the membership fee includes the fee for the Nederlandse Basketbal Bond (NBB, national basketball association) for playing competition, trainings by one of our trainers and a nice yellow jersey to play in, it excludes any transportation costs to the matches. We also offer referee courses, tournaments, official coaching and strength and conditioning trainings.

If you’re interested in joining, just drop by at one of our trainings and if you have any further questions you can also mail us at:

Hope to see you on court soon!


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